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Criminal law is one of the most challenging and difficult fields of law to combat, particularly depending on the nature of your charge. If you've been charged or accused of a crime, it is essential you enlist the services of a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney who will treat your case with the urgency and care it deserves. Don’t let your charge become a conviction you will have to pay for for the rest of your life--in more ways than one.

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After a criminal defense charge, there is little time to waste in getting the representation you deserve. Whether your charge is regarding a violent crime of serious nature or a DUI, you cannot afford to put your future in the hands of a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney who won’t give you the attention to detail and care you deserve. Our legal team is passionate about our advocacy of your freedom, because we understand just how much is on the line when you are in hot water with the criminal justice system. We will construct a defense strategy you can rely on in your time of need.

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At The Wealthy Street Law Firm, our goal is to be your top choice in a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney. We seek to do this by being available when you need us most, as well as by applying our team’s wealth of skill and experience to every case we handle. Regardless of the challenges present in your particular situation, we won’t back down from doing what needs to be done on your behalf.

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