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After a divorce, legal separation, or other related matter which goes through family court, there may be specific instructions put in writing by the judge. Typically known as a divorce order or family court order, this document may lay out a variety of rules which you and your spouse (or the other party) are expected to follow. If your circumstances have changed since the court order was put in place and you need to modify the terms of your court order, our legal team at The Wealthy Street Law Firm can help.

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Are You Seeking a Modification to Your Divorce Order?

There is a wide range of circumstances which may lead to a need for modification. From changes in income and loss of employment to a parent who is planning to move away, there are many legitimate reasons recognized by the court. However, it is extremely important that you understand you cannot just assume the changes you wish to make, even if your ex-spouse agrees to the changes. You must seek a modification with the help of a Grand Rapids modification lawyer.

We may be able to help you make modifications to the following terms:

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