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If you are considering a divorce in the Grand Rapids, you may be wondering if you need a divorce attorney. If yours is a simple, uncontested divorce without any of the complicating issues of children, marital assets and property, or other divorce-related issues which need to be resolved before a divorce can be finalized, then you may be able to file the paperwork yourself.

Most individuals, however, have questions and concerns about the divorce laws and the process involved. If you need and want the objective guidance of a dedicated divorce attorney who has handled divorce cases in your local court systems, who knows what to expect of judges in the area, who knows the state laws that apply, and who can use his or her legal experience, knowledge, and judgment to your advantage, then you should hire a competent divorce attorney.

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At our firm, our Grand Rapids attorney practices across 3 major areas of law: family law, criminal defense, and elder law. This gives him an in-depth understanding of various court processes in the Grand Rapids. Attorney Michael O. King can address your concerns, help you negotiate the terms of your defense or plan of action, as well as ensure you make fully-informed decisions about everything regarding your particular situation. As your trusted Grand Rapids lawyer, he will be looking out for your best interests and working diligently to help you achieve the most optimum case results.

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In a legal process that can be as difficult, emotionally-challenging, and stressful as those surrounding family law, criminal defense, and elder law, you should have a legal professional who can help make it easier, more efficient, and less confusing. That is the service you will find with our firm. Making the decision to hire an attorney to advocate on your behalf is important. By consulting with our Grand Rapids attorney in an initial consultation, you can find out more about we can help.

Contact the Grand Rapids attorney at our firm for a free evaluation of your case today. All retainers are a flat rate, no hourly billing.

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